Below are our Home Study Guides for years 8 to 14 and information for downloading your free copy of Microsoft Office.

Year 8 Home Study Overview.pdf

Year 9 Home Study Overview.pdf  

Year 10 Home Study Overview.pdf

Year 11 Home Study Overview.pdf

Year 12 Home Study Overview.pdf

Year 13 Home Study Overview.pdf

Year 14 Home Study Overview.pdf


Downloading Free Microsoft Office for students - EN082.pdf

Accessing C2k at homenew.pdf


MySchool can be accessed by following this link 

When accessing Google Classroom, please use your school email address, personal email addresses SHOULD NOT be used.

If a password expires, or needs to be reset and the user knows their old password they can go to

If a student's password expires and they don’t remember their password, in the first instance they should contact a C2k manager or teacher in their school.  They will be able to reset the pupil’s password for them.
We understand, however, that at this time, it may not always be possible for a pupil to contact someone in their school.  For this reason a service has been put in place which allows a parent or guardian to email and provide the following information:

Student First Name and Surname 
·       Student Date of Birth 
·       Student Username 
·       Name of School 
·       School Address

EA staff will then make contact with the parent/guardian who will be asked to provide some additional details to verify the pupil’s identity.
The member of C2k staff will check the details provided against the records held in the school and once verified, will reset the pupil’s password.


If you need to talk to someone about your health and emotional wellbeing, please find a useful list of contact numbers:

Telephone Support Lines Contact Numbers for Young People

CEOP-LOGO.jpg  here2help.png


ستدرك أن المدارس ستغلق يوم الاثنين 23 مارس. نحن نصنع طلاب العمال الرئيسيين في السنوات 8-10 الذين لا يستطيعون القيام بترتيبات بديلة لرعاية الأطفال. يرجى الاتصال بمكتب الكلية قبل الساعة 2 مساء اليوم إذا كنت بحاجة إلى الاستفادة من هذا الحكم. هذا سيسمح لنا بالتخطيط للمستقبل

Budete vedieť, že školy budú zavreté od pondelka 23. marca.

Zabezpečujeme to

ŠTUDENTI KĽÚČOVÝCH PRACOVNÍKOV V ROKOCH 8-10, ktorí sa nemôžu dohodnúť na alternatívnych opatreniach v oblasti starostlivosti o deti.

Ak potrebujete využiť toto ustanovenie, kontaktujte dnes kolégium pred 14:00.

To nám umožní naplánovať si dopredu ...

School Closure.png



As ‘a school at the heart of the community with the community at the heart of the school’ Abbey Community College works in partnerships with parents, local business and community based groups to build opportunities for community education, sports participation and family support. Current partners include:

  • Business in the Community
  • Monkstown Boxing Club
  • Monkstown Village Centre
  • Barnardos
  • Start 360
  • Henderson Group
  • Danske Bank
  • Young Enterprise

As an active member of Newtownabbey Learning Community, collaboration with other local schools and Northern Regional College will enhance the curriculum by providing students with access to a wide range of academic and vocational courses at GCSE and Post 16.

Bridge Youth Club will operate for local children and young people of all ages in the evenings over the course of the week.